Meet John

John is a husband, father, small business owner, and mental health attorney. For almost 20 years John has worked and lived in Loudoun County and been highly involved in the community.

John is the founder and partner of Whitbeck Cisneros McElroy, PC, a local law firm that is proud to be a company made up almost entirely of women attorneys and staff. While running his business, John has served as president of the Lansdowne HOA, director of a pro bono mental health clinic and professor of mental illness law at George Mason.

He is passionate about Loudoun County and ready to fight to protect Loudoun’s future. This means he will be your advocate to stop higher Greenway tolls and property taxes; support Metro and other transportation solutions that get cars off the road; develop a sensible housing strategy that protects rural Loudoun and allows more young people to afford to live here, and focus on his plan to make our schools safer.

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John’s family…

John and his family moved to Loudoun County almost 20 years ago and their first house was an Affordable Dwelling Unit in Sterling.  The opportunity created with affordable housing allowed John to start his small business which has been operating in Loudoun for almost 18 years. As Chair of Loudoun, John will make sure that these same opportunities for success are available to everyone and for years to come.



Why John is Running

John is running to deliver results to the people of Loudoun. He is committed to:

  • Holding the line on taxes

  • Developing solutions to Loudoun’s transportation problems

  • Preserving the rural west and promoting strategic development in the east

  • Expanding our award winning School Resource Officer program



John has spent 20 years as an attorney and small business owner in Loudoun County. He and his wife have three girls, 13, 8 and 5 and their daughter’s attend Loudoun County Public Schools. John will be a locally focused Chairman who gets results.


Loudoun enjoys a lower tax rate than both Fairfax and Prince William county. John will be advocate for fiscally responsible, efficient government. He will refuse pay raises and hold the line on the county’s tax rate.


John launched his campaign after the incumbent chair voted for annual, gaurenteed toll hikes through 2056 on the Greenway. As Chair of Loudoun County, John will be an advocate for lower tolls and Greenway alternatives

He will also advocate strategies to incentivize other means of transportation. Expansion of Metro and a new housing strategy provide opportunities for us to take cars off our roads, reduce commute times, and solve our transportation problems.


One of John’s first goals as chairman will be to expand Loudoun’s nationally recognized School Resource Officer (SRO) program to cover our elementary schools. The SRO program in Loudoun has been effective in not only protecting our schools, but also providing leadership and role-models for our students.



Loudoun desperately needs a strategic housing and development strategy. We need a strategy to provide housing for citizens from entry level to retirement. John’s commitment to affordable housing, having first moved to Loudoun in an Afforable Dwelling Unit in Sterling, and strategic development offer a path forward.

“For those that work in Loudoun, they need to be able to afford to live here and raise their families here including our teachers, deputies, firefighters, single mothers, and young families” -John Whitbeck

We also need to make use of our already existing infrastructure like roads, sewers, and more to avoid new infrastructure costs.

Strategic development also offers a path to presevering our open space and rural economy in the west. Western Loudoun is a destination and we cannot lose that to careless, sprawling development.

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